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Suicide First Aid and Practical Support

Support | Guidance | Jak’s World Studio | Emotional Health First Aid

Jak’s World

Suicide First Aid and Practical Support

Support | Guidance | Jak’s World Studio | Emotional Health First Aid

We have set up this non-profit organisation to provide Suicide First Aid and Practical Support for Young Adults

Many young people say they often feel lonely and that it’s difficult to get the help and support they need. – Samaritans

We provide support in the following areas to local youth via remote sessions.

Emotional Health First Aid

Too many young people suffer emotionally due to influence of social media and stigma surrounding opening up to someone and share your thoughts. In this area, we will provide support, guidance and sign-post to authorised resources.

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Career and Education

Provide higher education courses or university selection support. We will support youth to make a solid start following their education. We will also look to enlist more volunteers in this area.

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Finance Management

We provide guidance towards salary and finance management including debt and savings. Crash courses around interest rates, credit cards, debts, loans, savings and much more. Our aim is to help youth become financially savvy in the decisions they make.

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Music Production

In memory of our son Jakub,  we will stablish the Jak’s World Studio, where music production will be accessible and affordable to young and upcoming artists. Jakub’s friends and collaborators are keen to volunteer their time and experience in this area.

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Job Applications, CV, Interview Support

Provide career advice, CV and interview support. Volunteering and experience opportunities. Youth of today are keen to make a mark straightaway after the school or university, however due to lack of sign-posting may feel lost on where to start.

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Suicidal Thoughts First Aid

Are you having suicidal thoughts? Is everything too much sometimes? You are not alone. Please talk to us, we will ensure you get the best help possible from authorised sources. There is always a way.

Urgent Contact

In loving memory of Jakub Halani. Our Son, Friend and Brother

Prod.Jak, a talented musician and artist

Jakub, our beloved son, friend and brother died of suicide on 02nd Feb, 2023. Jakub was extremely talented musician, a career he chose following remarkable achievements at high school. In his short but very successful music production career he earned fame and success from fans across the world, with high flying collaborations with Sony, Universal and other labels. His YouTube channel and vast music collection is the legacy he leaves behind for us to cherish.

For us the only way to continue following this loss, is by providing guidance and support to Youth by these practical measures, something we feel Jakub didn’t receive.

With this in mind, we have established Jak’s World with the goal of preventing the youth suicide by practical measures.